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About Minfeng

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Corporate Philosophy

Jihua Cao

Born in November 1962, Cao is senior engineer who holds master’s degree.  

General Manager of Zhejiang Minfeng Boat Brand Paper Co., Ltd. (ZMBBP)

Deputy General Manager of Minfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. (MFSP)

General Manager of MFSPs Marketing Center

Secretary of MFSPParty Committee (currently)

Chairman of the Board of MFSP (currently)

General Manager of MFSP (currently)


Jiyou Han:

Born in March 1974, Han is a senior engineer and graduate of the Northeast Forestry University who holds a bachelor’s degree in pulping and papermaking. 

Assistant General Manager of MFSP 

Director and Deputy Chief Engineer of MFSPs No.6 Branch Factory

Deputy General Manager and Project Manager of Zhejiang Minfeng High-Tech Material Co., Ltd. (ZMHM)

Deputy General Manager of MFSP (currently)

Weiqiang Tao:

Born in November 1968, Tao is a senior engineer who holds a bachelors degree. 

Deputy Manager of MFSP’s Equipment Department

Manager of the Construction Management Division of Science and Technology Industrial Park (STIP)\

Project Manager of Colored Paper

Assistant General Manager of MFSP

Deputy General Manager and Plant Manager of the Minfeng Premium Coated Paper Division 

Deputy General Manager of MFSP (currently)

Fushou Lian:

Born in April 1972, Lian is a senior engineer who holds a bachelors degree. 

Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Purico Minfeng Paper Co. Ltd (ZPM)

Deputy General Manager of ZPMCigarette Paper Business Division 

General Manager of Zhejiang Minfeng Benkert Paper Co., Ltd. (ZMBP)

General Manager of ZMBBP

Assistant General Manager of MFSP

Plant Manager of MFSPNo.7 Branch Factory

Deputy General Manager of MFSP (currently)

Xueru Zhang :

Born on December 25, 1980, Zhang is a certified public accountant and certified tax agent who holds a bachelor’s degree.

Financial Officer of Hankook Tire & Technology Co.,Ltd. 

Financial Manager of TDG Holding Co., Ltd.,

CFO of Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd.

CFO of MFSP (currently)

Minghuan Yao:

Born in September 1975, Yao is a senior economist who holds a master’s degree.

Secretary of the General Manager’s Office and Bond Department of MFSP

Deputy Director of the General Manager’s Office at MFSP

Director of the Organization Division and Management and Monitoring Division of MFSP

Office Director othe Board of Directors (currently)

Board Secretary of MFSP (currently)

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