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About Minfeng

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Corporate Philosophy

   image.pngMinfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Minfeng) is located in Jiaxing, a city on the Hangjiahu Plain of northern Zhejiang Province.

The predecessor of Minfeng — “Hefeng Paper Company” was founded in 1923 by Chu Fucheng, a renowned patriot from Jiaxing. It is one of the earliest national papermaking companies in China. In 1930, Zhu Meixian, a patriotic businessman, reorganized the company and further established “Minfeng Paper Co., Ltd.”. In the same year, the trademark of “Boat Brand” was registered, which has been used so far. At a preliminary stage, the main products of Minfeng were white cardboard, grey cardboard, and yellow cardboard.

Since the reform and opening up, Minfeng has focused on improving economic benefits and actively promoted the reform of state-owned companies. New achievements have been made in production, operation, and various aspects. Both the output and quality have been steadily improved, and the economic benefits have significantly increased.

In 1992, Minfeng fully implemented the overall plan of transforming its operation mechanism and deepening the reform, which has gradually built the system of “one company has more than one operational system; a company focuses on one business and develops a wider range of businesses”. In August, Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Planned Economy gave its seal of approval of Minfeng Group’s establishment. In 1997, in an effort to build a modern enterprise system, Minfeng Group Company continued to improve and rationalize its internal management mechanism and formed the “Leading Group for Shareholding Reconstructing”. In September 1998, the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province issued a document, which approved the establishment of Minfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. Shortly afterward, Minfeng held an inaugural meeting in November as a joint-stock company. In April 2000, in accordance with the Notice on Approving the Public Offering of Shares by Minfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.” (Zheng Jian Fa Zi [2000] No. 49), China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the issuance of 52 million public shares (Class A shares) by “Minfeng Special Paper” (stock code: 600235), which was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange later on June 15. At that time, Minfeng was the first domestic stock as a special paper manufacturer to list and trade in China’s marketplace.

Striving to build a world-class manufacturing enterprise of special paper is the persistent pursuit of Minfeng. Since the success of the first domestic cigarette paper, Minfeng has developed more than 150 new types of products, which are now widely used in the industry (including national defense industry and cigarette industry), agriculture, medical treatment, culture, printing, food, packaging, decoration, etc. Over the past decade, Minfeng has successfully developed 20 new products and applied more than 30 new technologies to related products. Furthermore, 17 patents have been applied for, of which 8 have been authorized. Minfeng has taken charge of organizing and participated in the formulation of more than 20 national and industrial standards. 

At present, the major products of Minfeng’s “Boat Brand” are cigarette paper, tracing paper, glassine, vacuum aluminized base paper, and sublimation heat digital transfer paper. Among them, cigarette paper has been progressively developed, including that of mixed hemp, low lateral flow, fast-burning, straight ribs, anti-counterfeiting, low-tar, selectively reduced-harm, etc. They have not only been successfully applied to prominent cigarette enterprises at home, but also some top 500 enterprises and international tobacco giants. Moreover, tracing paper has also been widely developed in recent years, including that of high gram weight, multiple gram weight, extra-white, etc.

Under the guidance of the company value Be pragmatic and quality-oriented; seek for self-improvement and strive for the revitalization of Minfeng Minfeng people are making concerted efforts to forge ahead with an ambitious centenary goal.

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