Facebook Ads Guide Review – Secrets To Advertising On Facebook

Are you interested to learn the secrets to advertising on Facebook using the Facebook Ads Guide? This social marketing website is becoming one of the most popular sites for affiliates to promote products and make money, easily rivaling that of Google. For more information throughout the article or visit https://www.google.com/. 
In fact, the traffic Facebook receives daily has recently exceeded that of Google, thus it is a no brainer that marketers should learn how to exploit this new traffic source that has got very little competition now. 
Why I Decided to Try Out Facebook Ads Guide 
Considering the arcane policies imposed by Google on their marketers, I decided to find a strategy to market on FB and was glad to have found this system by Jonathan Volk. He is one expert affiliate marketer who has generated huge paydays in the past 10 months using this FB marketing strategy, sometimes hitting as high as $3,500 in profits a day. I would certainly recommend anyone out there looking to make an income online to try Facebook advertising because it really works. 
Overall Review of the Facebook Ads Guide 
Overall, I have found this strategy guide to be quite short and straight to the point. It is very easy to see exactly what you have to do since all the steps are listed very clearly. Within the same day after I downloaded the guide, I was able to set up my first couple of Facebook campaigns and could see that they were generating traffic really quickly. 
Most of the strategies inside the guide are discovered after trial and error testing, therefore I am glad I do not need to spend money testing these methods since they have already proven that they can work. Beginner marketers would definitely require slightly more time to understand, especially if they have never done any marketing online before. But it can certainly be done as Jonathan has simplified many terms to allow beginners to understand the guide better. 

Should your Business be Using Facebook Ads?

If you have a blog and want more people to read your entries, or if you run an online business and want more customers, you need to think carefully about how to target them. This must be done in a way that makes peoplethink, “I’m going to click here to read this blog” or “I’m going to visit this site because I want to check out this product”. Facebook Ads seems like a tempting option.

SEO is a great starting point for any webpage because it appears to those who are specifically looking for what you offer. These warm leads who go online searching for your keywords already have an interest in your content before they land on your page. Thereis one big downside, however: it doesn’t attempt to catch new customers who are not familiar with your product. Facebook Ads, much like magazine or TV commercials, can introduce new customers or readers to your page. You can reach millions of Facebook users you would not reach otherwise and you can control exactly what the Facebook Ad says, meaning you can tailor make them so they scream “click here”.

The downside is that when people click on a Facebook Ad, it is often an impulse rather than a deep interest in what’s being offered. It may cast a wide net and create brand awareness but how many of the people who click will buy the product you offer? Ask yourself this question: when you go online, how many advertisements do you click?

Facebook Ads can also be more expensive than SEO, costing most businesses anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars a day so you need to think about whether reaching more people is the same as engaging more people. At the end of the day, it is only worthwhile if those clicks turn to sales.

If you are a small business that needs to control costs, it is best to stick to SEO until you can afford to try and expand your existing client base with Facebook Ads.