2015 and Beyond Web Design Trends

There is arguably no career half as dynamic as web design. So many trends come and go and some come and stick for a long time. Let us look at some web design trends that will probably stick for the next couple of years

1. Simple is good

Gone are the days of cluttering everything on the homepage of your organization website. Users do not have the time and patience to swallow everything that is thrown at them on the landing page. Futuristic websites are adapting a simpler look and feel. Less primary menu items and less clutter on the landing page is the way to go. Simple is the new good and less is now more.

2. Videos will take over web content

You can no longer avoid video content if you intend to remain on the cutting edge. Cisco has already predicted that video content will account for 69% of all of the online traffic by 2017. Click here to read more on the prediction. If you have not been taking video content seriously, you may want to start now or risk being irrelevant in your niche very soon.

3. SEO will be even more important

The size of the World Wide Web is increasing exponentially. As of 16th September 2015, there were 4.75 billion indexed web pages. Visit this site for the accurate live stats. This trend is expected to continue especially with the increased access to internet even in third world countries. With all these websites out there, it would be very easy to get lost – and that is why search engine optimization will continue to be an important facet in web design. This would explain why more SEO companies are mushrooming all over the internet.

4. InfographicsInfographics became extremely popular in 2014 and we can expect the trend to continue. Think about it- would you prefer reading this here or reading it on an infographic? A picture is always worth a thousand words and it is a good idea to get set for the unprecedented inforgraphic trend for it is here to stay. If you are still not convinced, go online and read more web design trends.